This Kitchen Was The Worst Part Of The House, Now It’s The Best

When Kia Designs renovated a house in London that had been previously used as a house share, they knew they had a lot of work ahead of them—especially in the kitchen, which was easily the worst part of the house. They hoped it would come to be the heart of the home, a place that people would love to gather in and hate to leave.

To give you a sense of how far this room came, take a look at it in it’s original state:

Clearly, mission accomplished! The resulting airy, open space is as personal and welcoming as it is practical and functional, and it’s definitely a gathering spot for friends and family. From the ample seating and flowing space—the marble backsplash/counter in the kitchen leads beautifully to the marble-topped buffet in the dining area—to the fascinating art and custom chandelier, it’s easy to see why guests would want to linger. They can gather around the large table, wander around admiring art, stroll out to the patio, or belly up to the breakfast bar.

Designer Kia Stanford steered the homeowners toward a kitchen island. The built-in stove allows cooks to be a part of the social fun, the breakfast bar keeps guests close-by for chatting but out of the kitchen, and the vent allows for unobstructed views of the dining area and garden.

As mentioned, this project was not just a renovation, but also an expansion. The entire right side of the kitchen (seen through the window here) was previously a fairly unnecessary outdoor pathway; the space is much more useful as seating, storage, and expanded cooking space. The large glass door added still allows for plenty of daylight and easy access to the garden.

Perhaps one of the most surprising, innovative aspects of the new kitchen is the pantry. That’s right: the oversized, minimal work of art you see here is actually a pantry set into the wall, allowing for plenty of unobtrusive storage. This should become a standard feature in all homes!

Thanks Kia Designs! Via Design Sponge.


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