The Cultural Obsession With Outer Space

outer space obsession

How about something a little lighter on a heavy week? In fact, how about something weightless? I’m sure you’ve noticed that all things outer space are on people’s minds. We’re watching Hidden Figures. We’re marveling at Cassini disappearing into Saturn’s atmosphere. We’re going nuts about the Solar Eclipse. All of a sudden, my Facebook feeds are full of posts about Zodiac Signs (I’m a Gemini, if you’re curious). And my kids keep sending me links to NASA hats, and sweatshirts, and patches for their backpacks.

I mean, I don’t know where I would have even looked for a NASA patch a couple of years ago, and now they’re essentially everywhere.

Of course, space exploration, and an interest in planets and stars and blackholes, is an evergreen trend — it never seems to totally lose popularity. (Remember the awesome “home tour” in outer space?) That said, there is definitely a big, out-of-the-ordinary resurgence in interest happening right now. 

It’s got me feeling curious. Why now? What’s going on that’s driving the renewed interest? Is it a cyclical thing? Or is this a way to express our cravings for adventure and discovery?

I keep thinking I’ll find some excellent essay on the topic, but so far nothing has crossed my path. What do you think the current love of everything-out-of-this-world is all about?

Also, anyone else have kids who are into this stuff? I feel like all of mine are. Pre-mission, Ralph loved going to the nearby Chabot Space and Science center to look through the massive telescopes. Being an astronaut was at the top of Maude’s career list all through high school. Olive has been reading about black holes since the 7th grade. Oscar reports whenever he hears news about a potentially livable planet. Betty wants a solar system theme in her bedroom. And June never fails to point out the phases of the moon whenever we’re out and about at night. What about your kids?

P.S. — In case you’re not sure what I mean about the trend having a resurgence, below is just a drop in the bucket of really cool space stuff I’ve found lately. My favorites are #3, #6, #13, and the moon man earrings (#15). Feel free add your finds in the comments.

outer space obsession

Items for the Outer Space Obsessed

  1. Retro Mars Poster.
  2. LED Multi-Color Night Light.
  3. Solar System Mobile.
  4. Rocket Space Egg Mold.
  5. Astronaut Helmet Night Light.
  6. Astronaut Duvet! I love this company.
  7. 3 Piece Canvas Wall Art.
  8. Black Light Reactive Super Nova Poster.
  9. PowerSeeker Telescope.
  10. Cassini: Unlocking the Secrets of Saturn Book.
  11. Galaxy Hoody in ALL sizes.
  12. Space Shuttle Lapel Pin.
  13. Constellation Umbrella.
  14. Blue NASA Patch.
  15. Astronaut Earrings.
  16. Retro Patch Set of 4.
  17. NASA Badge Iron-On Patch.
  18. Bitwell Helmet with Bubble Visor.
  19. Zodiac Constellation Necklace.
  20. NASA Insignia Embroidered Cap.

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