Is Your Pet an Art Lover? Here’s an Exhibit Just for Furry Friends

A pet food company in Singapore is offering your furry friends the chance to get in touch with their artistic sides at the world’s first art exhibition for cats and dogs. The featured artists went to great lengths to curate a collection of interactive installations that appeal to the four-legged animals and their humans.

The “PAW-sitive: Interactive Art for Pets by Wellness” exhibit commemorates the pet food brand’s 10th anniversary.

“This first-of-its-kind art exhibition is designed to create a positive art appreciation experience for pets as they make their way through the various art installations,” Wellness said of the canine and feline-friendly event. “These aim to inspire, stimulate and promote holistic fun through experiential play. They were created by local artists under the guidance of in-house vets and animal behaviourists to ensure interactivity and safety.”

The exhibit includes 10 art and play areas that are design to entertain the animals. A Whole New World by artist Adeline Tan allows dogs to experience a virtual ride through the clouds on a magic carpet of their dreams, complete with images of flying toys and pieces of meat. To enhance their sensory satisfaction, the song A Whole New World will be played at a level only detectable by dogs. Artists Jes and Jalon created The Peek-a-Pooch installation, which invites dogs to stick their heads through holes that are sized just right so they won’t get stuck.

In the Cat’s Belly is a purple and pink contraption modeled after a cat sticking out its tongue allows curious felines to crawl inside of its giant mouth and explore four themed rooms that appeal to the animals’ senses. The cats make their exit through a giant tail, where their humans can wave at them from the outside.

If you’re looking to make an art connoisseur out of your pet, the PAW-sitive: Interactive Art exhibit will be open until October 8.


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