These Bedrooms Are Beautiful, Despite Missing This One Thing

Because it’s basically the room’s raison d’être, the first piece of furniture that comes to mind when considering a bedroom’s design is (of course) the bed. It’s essential for function, but also sets the tone visually. While there are any number of beds you can buy or DIY, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to have a bed with a headboard. Whether it’s because you prefer not having one or because your budget is super small, these gorgeous bedrooms look beautiful despite “missing” a headboard!

The way these homeowners and renters styled their headboard-less bedrooms may inspire how you tackle your own bed decor.

You won’t miss a headboard on your bed when you have a big accent wall painted in a bold color, like in this Cape Town house’s master bedroom.

In this Australian cottage, a large, intricate and textured hanging tapestry holds the attention over the bed.

Similarly, in this Buenos Aires abode, a large painting hangs above the bed, complementing the landscape seen through the large windows.

Depending on your room’s shape, the best placement for your bed may be in front of a window, in which case you may not want a headboard obstructing the view or the light, like in this New Orleans house.

There are times when an enviable throw pillow collection should be allowed to steal the show in your bedroom, like in this colorful and patterned Australian house.

A DIYed accent wall of wood panels helps frame the beds in the guest room of this Pennsylvania house.

Two classic brass sconces hang above a small bed in this NYC railroad apartment.

Simplicity and symmetry make up for any lack of a headboard here in this Barcelona home’s bedroom.

An over-sized piece of art and another enviable collection of throw pillows steal the spotlight in this Australian home’s bedroom.

The bedroom in this Chicago home combines a dark wall, oversized art and a collection of throw pillows in lieu of a headboard.

And sometimes simple — like in this California house — is the most elegant solution of them all.


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