Here Are Actual Photos of Bruce Willis’ House (Since They’re Not In Elle Decor This Month)

Have you picked up the November issue of Elle Decor? Bruce Willis and family are on the cover. The spread (with an interview conducted by family friend M. Night Shyamalan) is heavy on pics of the action star and the kids, but weirdly lacking actual images of the interiors. But never fear, we found some for you.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones to notice: the New York Post reports (spotted via The Cut) that staffers of the shelter mag are upset over the new Editor In Chief Whitney Robinson’s decision to go with something that is not befitting the publication’s austere aesthetic:

A sales associate went to the publisher and said that the magazine looks like a tabloid and that the luxury advertisers could possibly leave.

The photos include the family hanging out outside, sitting on the roof of a car eating pizza, and tucked into a playroom with a tiny pink kitchen. Oh, and there are photos of a stairway and a mudroom.

The Post also quotes a source close to the magazine who insists the lack of interior shots is because “the lighting was just better outside.” Oh…kay.

Anyway, if you’d like a better idea of what Willis’ Bedford, New York property really looks like, we found the listing photos from when he bought the place in 2014 for $12 million. The house, which is on over 22 acres overlooking the Croton Reservoir, has five bedrooms, six baths, a climate-controlled wine cellar, mature gardens, a swimming pool and a heated cabana. Variety states that the property has “at least three additional residences,” but we don’t have photos of those.

Check it out:


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