LEGO’s Shrine to LEGOs Is Now Open

Last month we shared that the latest building in LEGO’s Architecture series to get the brick treatment was going to be its very own LEGO house in Billund, Denmark, but in even BIGGER news (literally) the LEGO House is now open to the public. The sleek modern exterior belies an extremely colorful and creative interior that is a LEGO lovers play land.

Designed by Bjarke Ingels, the 130,000 square foot building is in every way a shrine to the LEGO ethos of simple design and imaginative play. The Experience Zone, the ticketed interactive wing of the house, is broken into zones particularly designed to engage different types of learning. According to the LEGO House website, “In Red Zone, we have made plenty of room for creativity. In Blue Zone, we stimulate your cognitive abilities. In Yellow Zone, emotions will take centre stage, and Green Zone is all about social play.”

The “Home of the Brick” houses the tree of creativity, which is one of the largest LEGO structure in the world at 6,316,611 bricks. There’s also a high tech, LEGO centric food court where robot chefs in iPads take your order, but only after you build it out in bricks. Welcome to your whimsical Danish future, it’s great here.

For non-ticket holders there’s still plenty for the community to explore on the LEGO House grounds. There’s are nine terraces with themed playgrounds, designed for interactive play, with swings, games and a giant submarine. There’s also a square that belongs to the city itself and will be used for public events.

“My vision with this house is to create the ultimate Lego experience which truly unfolds the endless possibilities there are with our bricks and our Lego system of play” — Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, majority stakeholder of the LEGO corporation.

Tickets run about $31 per person (babies and toddlers get in free) and you must pre-select an entry time but can stay as long as your LEGO loving heart desires.


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