Never Wait for the Subway Again With This At-Home Arrival Clock

Spending time underground is generally un-fun. Waiting around is also pretty un-fun. Spending time underground on a crowded, overheated platform while you wait for what feels like an eternity is exceedingly un-fun. New Brooklyn based startup, NYC Train Signs, is here to cut down on your platform wait, giving you real time arrival info from the comfort of your own home.

Easily customizable, you can set up the clock to give you arrival times (in both directions!) at the station of your choosing, hit you with weather alerts, and you can add a text slide or logo if your heart so desires. The clocks, which come in a variety of sizes and materials can be purchased for home use, and are available for business to rent for $29 a month. There’s also a hobbyist kit available for the tinkerer — slash —commuter.


The company isn’t just about helping you get to work on time, it sees itself as an integral part of the Brooklyn maker community; hiring artisans and engineers from the borough. It also hopes to expand into education, “Our endgame is to get NYC Train Signs into the hands of students in area schools. By exposing kids to programming and computer systems at a young age, we want to help build the next generation of designers and technology disruptors.”

You can learn more about NYC Train Sign here!

h/t Curbed and 6sqft


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