You’d Never Guess This Tiny House Is Made of Cardboard

I never thought I’d see the day when people would aspire to live inside of a cardboard box, but that’s where we are. We’ve officially added this tiny cardboard house in the Netherlands to our list of unexpectedly cushy digs we wouldn’t mind holing up in for the long haul.

Known as a Wikkelhouse (“wikkelen” is Dutch for wrapper), this minimalist residence is built from a rotating, house-shaped mold that is encased in 24 layers of corrugated cardboard. The structure is then covered in wood paneling and waterproof coating. The final product is extremely sturdy, lightweight, fully-insulated and modern.

The basic three-segment modular units start at about $35,000 but that doesn’t include the cost of transport from Amsterdam and setup, which takes one day to complete. Additionally, owners can expand their homes as much as they want by purchasing additional domestic installations that equip the space with extra windows, a kitchen, shower and bathroom.

Despite its pared-down design, durability won’t be an issue with the fully recyclable pre-fab home, as it’s expected to last up to 100 years.

Amsterdam-based design studio Fiction Factory first unveiled the Wikkelhouse in 2016 after a four-year development period. Since then, a few more of the cardboard-wrapped homes have been installed in various locations throughout London and the Netherlands.

Currently, there’s a waiting list for anyone who wants a Wikkelhouse delivered to their desired location, but currently the company’s service area is strictly limited to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, UK and Scandinavia through at least 2018. Making them even harder to come by is the fact that only 20 Wikkelhouses are built each year in order to guarantee the best quality, which clearly goes above and beyond anyone’s expectations of a cardboard home.

h/t Curbed, Designboom


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