Make This Blanket Ladder In 3 Easy Steps (No Tools Required!) — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

When I was little, I always imagined building forts out of sticks or rafts with ropes to float down the river like the Boxcar Children or Huck Finn – completely not realizing that probably wouldn’t happen in suburban Florida. But I was always drawn to how people could create things with minimal supplies and loads of inventiveness. When it came time for this tutorial I remembered using Japanese square lashing for a no-weave wall hanging and realized, hey, lashings are used all the time to build simple structures! Surely it can support a few blankets. And guess what, friends, it totally can.

What You Need


Closet rods/wood dowels (I used 1.5″ diameter at 8 ft for the two columns, 1″ diameter at 38″ for the rungs)
Cotton cord
Washi tape (optional)


Step 1. Lay out out all your pieces and measure out your rope. To give you an idea of how much rope you’ll need, I used 5.5 ft of rope per lashing.

I find it helpful to use washi tape to mark the placements so I can write down measurements and any extra instructions. That way if you drop a piece you don’t have to measure all over again.

Step 2. Time to assemble! The best way to learn lashing is through video and practice. I’ve found this one from ITS Tactical to be the most clear. Once secure, just tuck the cord ends into the back of the knot.

Tip: If you want to stain your pieces, make sure they are completely dry and sealed before lashing! If not, the cotton rope will soak up extra stain.

Step 3. Honestly, this is a two-step DIY: Measure and lash. But if you want to really get into knots, play around with different lashing styles! I incorporated an extra loop into mine so the vertical sides would have even wraps, but there are plenty of different ways to try.

I love that our blankets now have a home off the floor! Our room looks so cozy too with the blankets acting as a pseudo tapestry. Where do you keep your extra blankets?

Have a really great DIY project or tutorial that you want to share with others? Let us know! We love checking out what you’re making these days, and learning from our readers. When you’re ready, click here to submit your project and photos.


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