This Floating Tent Turns Bodies of Water Into a Campground

If glamour and camping equal glamping, that must mean floating while camping can succinctly be described as flamping, right? Who knows, but that’s our (really weird) attempt at describing The Shoal Tent by Smith Fly, an inflatable floating raft with a tent topper that allows campers to sleep on the water.

Obviously, traditional camping rules don’t apply if you’re using this tent. There’s no need to search for a dry spot to pitch it, plus it doesn’t come with the standard pitching poles, so setup is a lot simpler than your traditional tent. The Shoal Tent is completely inflatable and its structure is durable enough to withstand high winds, so there’s no risk of being blown off course. The tent is constructed from waterproof fabric and zippers for sealing; the raft body is equipped with three air chambers that keep it afloat; and the 6-inch-thick high-pressure, drop-stitched floor serves as an air mattress. Entering and exiting the tent are a cinch as well, thanks to the design of the tent topper sides, which can be attached and detached with the help of a heavy duty hook and loop system.

Also, “flampers” should have no concerns about leg room in the floating tent. At 8’x8′, it’s spacious enough to accommodate people up to 6′-3″ tall (lying down, that is) and reaches that same height in the middle. The Shoal tent can fit up to four occupants at a time. Each tent comes with a “burrito roll style and carry” storage bag, a manual foot pump and a patch kit.

The price for this temporary home is $1,499, but the Shoal Tent is currently being sold on pre-order for $1,274 until October 31 when it will return to its original price. Orders placed now will arrive in late December or early January.

h/t Curbed


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