Stylish DIY Projects To Make Your Dog Feel Right At Home

If you’re one of the many who adopted a shelter animal this month (or even if you’ve had your trusty pal for way longer), it’s important to make sure your new family member feels at home. If you’ve got a crafty bent, you don’t have to rely on what the pet store has to offer — take a look at these diy projects which add style to your home and bring comfort and fun to your pooch.

For the perfect puppy perch that won’t stick out like a sore thumb, try making this Mid-Century Modern bed complete with hairpin legs, mud cloth, and a matching pup. Oh wait, cute dog not included…Visit A Pair & A Spare for the full tutorial.

Don’t make your pooch feel like he’s in the dog house every time he goes to bed. Give him a teepee instead! Yes, a dog teepee. They exist. And you can make them. See how on the Hello Johnstons blog.

Or keep things a little more simple with an adorable and cozy burrow dog bed from Lia Griffith. This type of DIY bed could be perfect for a pup who deals with anxiety or just likes to get snuggled.

Don’t forget about accessories! Make your own gradient dog leash like this one from Curbly.

And how about an adorable braided collar (from The Effortless Chic) to go with it? Of course, if you’ve got a headstrong dog, we’d recommend some back up…

For a fine (and fun) dining experience, build a hairpin dog dish stand like this project by Yellow Brick Home.

Or you can keep it simple with this modern pet food stand from Almost Makes Perfect. Great for dogs or cats, and you can customize the height and length depending on pet size.

Give Fido his very own squeaky toy, made with love. DIY Dalmatian shares how to make a shark toy, as well as many other silly designs.

For a special treat, try this DIY treat dispenser from Daily Dog Tag.

Keep all that kibble clean and concealed by using a metal trashcan and vinyl letterings for customization. Project over on


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