The Heavyweight Trend: Concrete & Stone

When I was on Pinterest the other day, my eye kept moving to anything that featured concrete — in either interiors or products. I’ve loved the look of concrete since I can remember, but the trend seems to be especially strong this year, and it’s not unusual for articles like “10 Ways to Embrace the Concrete Trend” to cross my path.

The trend has me curious. Is it here simply because of the usual cyclical comings and goings of styles from decades past? Or is the concrete look popular here and now because people are craving things that feel heavy and permanent? Perhaps in response to our world becoming so unpredictable and chaotic? A few decades from now will the concrete trend of 2017 become the topic of someone’s doctoral thesis?

I’d love your thoughts on this. Many design trends feel random to me, but so often they’re tied to the current cultural and political happenings, and we just don’t have the perspective to spot it until time has passed. You know?

DIY Concrete Pencilholder

If you’re craving something with a heavy duty feeling in your own house or life, I’ve got 12 gorgeous product picks below. Plus, here 5 of the excellent concrete projects and crafts we’ve featured on Design Mom:

  1. Concrete Candleholders in all shapes and sizes. Use plastic containers in your recycle bin for forms.
  2. Concrete Penholder. This would look super cool on your desk or in your craft space.
  3. Simple DIY Concrete Floor. We did this in our Reading Loft, and it still looks great!
  4. Plaster Votives with Gold Leaf Interiors. These aren’t concrete, but they look thick and heavy. And the candle flame plus gold-leaf combo can’t be beat.
  5. DIY Concrete Planters. Concrete planters are really expensive, so I figured out a hack to make some for myself that are inexpensive and look fantastic. You can see them pictured at the top of this post, and you can find the instructions in the Design Mom book.

  1. Camino Clara Clock | Concrete/Copper
  2. Le Creuset Stoneware Butter Crock
  3. Culinarium Classic Concrete Salt Cellar
  4. Le Creuset Sauce Jar, Available in 5 Colors
  5. 7″ Gray Cement Modern Circular Succulent Pot Planter
  6. Teal Agate Geode Bookend Pair
  7. Culinarium Concrete Utensil Holder/Wine Chiller
  8. Royal Doulton Mode Serving Vegetable Bowl-Stone-8 in
  9. Concrete Phone Holder
  10. Ivy Lane Design Smooth Square Favor Flower Pots, Set of 5
  11. Concrete Table
  12. Concrete Dining Stool

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