This Small Kitchen Features Storage in a Place You’ve Never Even Considered — Kitchn

If there’s one thing we love here at Kitchn (aside from food, obviously!) it’s a smart storage idea. Hooks on the back of a cabinet door? Brilliant! A diagonal drawer organizer? Yes, please! A fold-down table on the wall? Duh! That’s why I got so excited when I saw this kitchen. Do you know what I’m going to point out?

Here’s a hint: Not only does it add storage space to the kitchen, but it also creates a museum-like display.

The answer: shelves and cubbies around the door to the kitchen.

I love this idea, beautifully executed in a small apartment by Lauren Rubin Architecture, because it creates storage in a spot you’ve probably never even considered.

Instead of wasting the space, the homeowner gets deep shelving on all three sides around door. And the cubbies ended up being just the right size for serving pieces, bowls, stacks of cutting boards, vases, and more. Because the doorway is part of a narrow pass-through that leads to another room, the homeowner doesn’t really lose any space she’d be using otherwise, for furniture or counter space or whatever.

See the rest of the space: Art Deco Combination at Lauren Rubin Architecture

I also love what the homeowner did here, decorating-wise: The pieces on display are mostly white, inside white shelves, so the display doesn’t feel too cluttered. Instead, the items add a sculptural element to the space and make it feel homey and cozy. The homeowner was smart and used the space above the door for lesser-used items, while the easier-to-reach shelves further down have the real everyday tools like the cutting boards.

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