This Luxury Resort Now Offers Instagram Butlers

Sometimes, a vacation selfie just isn’t going to cut it. Sure, your tan looks great, but you can’t get the full ocean view and your lovely visage in one shot. Well the Conrad Maldives Hotel Rangali Island is now offering the services of an Instagram butler to help you get the best vacation shots possible.

While technically less of a Mr. Carson style butler and more of a guide-slash-art director, the Instagram Butler will shepherd guests on the most ‘grammable paths in the hotel. They’ll also recommend the optimal times of day for certain shots and suggest the best poses and angles to make sure your pictures produce maximum envy.

The Maldives are mind bogglingly beautiful and the hotel is super luxe, so it makes sense that guests might want to go the extra mile for great photos. The resort offers yoga classes where Instagram Butlers are welcome to attend, so one can finally find one’s most photogenic pose. There are plenty of breathtaking tours offered by the resort that show off the natural beauty of the area as well, if guests want to try out their newfound photog skills.

But perhaps the true draw is the hotel’s underwater restaurant, Ithaa, which “sits five meters below the surface, offering 180-degree panoramic views of the vibrant coral gardens surrounding it.” The Insta Butler is available for in-restaurant consultation, because who wouldn’t want the best possible photo of themselves sipping a Martini while a bunch of sharks look on?

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h/t Teen Vogue


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