8 Ways To Hack This Popular (& Cozy) $15 IKEA Item

The $15 TEJN IKEA rug is one of the most hacked rugs out there. It’s at a price point that can’t be beat, brings instant coziness to every space, and is essentially one, large, fur sheet just waiting to be transformed!

One way to make it work double for you is to double it up! Stitch a few together for a budget-friendly area rug or sew two end-to-end for a fabulous bench runner. Try it on your dining bench like Rumi Neely‘s as seen on Elle Decor (above) for seriously Hygge holidays.

If you don’t have a dining bench or just want a more secure option, check out A Beautiful Mess’s tieback chair covers. The colorful patterns on the underside are a fun surprise!

Using the IKEA MARIUS stool and sheepskin rug, you could have a plush vanity chair for under $25 like Darleen Meier made. More than enough savings to spring for whatever spray paint you want for the legs.

Or if you’re feeling extra crafty, make make your own foot stool – base and all! This one shown on A Beautiful Mess uses foam and batting to turn a pre-cut wood disc into a cushy stool.

Naturally the next hack would be a pillow! Clover Lane shares some great tips for sewing faux sheepskin into an envelope pillow cover.

Keep that sewing kit out because Erin of Earnest Home has an Anthropologie-worthy hack for you. GIANT FUR POM POMS. I’m most excited about this one because I honestly didn’t think giant fur pom poms were replicable. But they are, and you can, so go cut up a rug!

Sarah Sherman Samuel’s DIYs are the epitome of classic. So imagine my surprise when I read that this rocking horse started as the bright red, EKORRE IKEA moose! Use the sheepskin rug for this nursery sheep for a double-IKEA-hack win.

If all these white sheepskins are too neutral for your tastes, Brittni of Paper & Stitch has you covered. Dye the rug in any color you like, opening up new possibilities for the other hacks! Try a jewel tone hue and turn it into a stool! Much more satisfying than their $300 West Elm counterparts. Or a soft blush pillow cover like Urban Outfitters.



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