The “Smallest Hotel in the World” is a VW Beetle in the Jordan Desert

The self proclaimed smallest hotel in the world is also something that might get you punched in the arm: A truly tiny and very stylish Volkswagon Beetle in the Jordan desert. Parked in the shadow of the 12th century castle of Montreal, the hotel is run by Mohammed Al Malaheem (who goes by Abu Ali, according to CNN) and has welcomed visitors into the repurposed car since 2011. Take a look inside:

The Bug, which was decorated by Ali’s daughter, sleeps two people and costs $56 a night. Ali welcomes guests in the hotel’s “lobby,” which is built into a nearby cave, where he serves guests traditional Jordanian snacks and tea. There’s also a gift kiosk, where visitors can purchase antique trinkets, jewelry and souvenirs.

Ali told CNN he was inspired to start the hotel in order to bring more tourism to his village of Al Jaya, “I wanted to start a project that improves its situation and places it on the tourism map, because it truly overlooks some of the most beautiful scenery in the region.”

And while the Guinness Book of World records lists the smallest hotel in the world as the Eh’ Hausel in Amberg, Germany, the VW Bug hotel has made a play for that title as well. Ali has plans to add a few more decked out VWs to the mix, so more folks can experience this one of a kind hotel.

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h/t Hello Giggles


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