Furniture Included? How About Fluffy? Sealing Real Estate Deals With “Throw-Ins”

When negotiating on almost anything, conventional wisdom is that you ask high knowing that you’ll be argued down. For these homebuyers, they certainly asked high, but in surprisingly nonconventional ways; furniture, cars, and even the family pet was considered fair game. The Wall Street Journal talked to buyers, sellers and real estate agents about the most memorable bonus items they’ve come across.

The items requested along with the sale of the house run the gamut from dining room tables, to antique rugs and art, to the two Bentleys in the garage. The throw-ins, as they’re known, can be used to move the needle on sales that have stalled. "I always tell my buyers, ‘If you see something you like, let’s keep it on a side burner, because if you get stuck on the price this can give you a win,’" Judy Gibbons, a broker associate with Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty in Chicago, told The Wall Street Journal.

The article talked to a family who bought a home for $1 million and then paid an extra $260,000 for most of the furnishings (a previous buyer demanded a Yamaha piano the sellers eventually took with them). They also talked to a seller who includes parts of his art collection in the deal because, "you put these things in your home, and sooner or later the home sucks it in." Even sellers of a horse farm were willing to part with an old cat that the buyers’ kids had fallen in love with.

Check out more such tales over in the Wall Street Journal.

Do you have any experience with throw-ins? Let us know in the comments.

h/t The Real Deal


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