The Best Wine Racks for Housing Your Collection in Style — Annual Guide 2017

Nothing feels more grown-up than being in possession of more than one bottle of wine at a time. But then…where do you put all the bottles? The ideal wine storage is horizontal, so the cork is always wet, but how to accomplish that? Consider one of these wine racks, which will hold your wine in the ideal position, declare your good taste to anyone who enters your kitchen, and, if you regularly keep around multiple bottles of wine, even save you quite a bit of space. That’s a win on all fronts.

Choose this wine rack for a funky, modern look at a very reasonable price.

Though this rack only holds a few bottles, I like the marble/wood design (and the budget-friendly price).

This rack is reminiscent of a fancy wine cellar, and holds an impressive 18 bottles.

This fairly simple little wine rack can be oriented horizontally or vertically, and can be stacked to accommodate more bottles.

This rack (sold singularly) can stack up to three high. Its acrylic construction gives it a very minimal, modern aspect.

This wine rack comes unassembled, so you can put it together in any configuration you like (kind of like Tinker Toys). You can also combine quite a few of them together.

This wall-mounted wine rack is elegant and space-saving—just be sure to mount it firmly to the wall.

The honeycomb shape makes this interesting, and the selection of metallic finishes means you can match it to a wide variety of decors.

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This simple chrome rack stacks up to three high, so you can store quite a bit of wine.

This beautiful, sculptural rack can stack two high (and you can place a couple of bottles on top, for a total of 14, which is quite a few).

If you need storage for 44 bottles, you must really, really like wine, but I am not judging you. This wooden rack will accommodate your collection stylishly (and fairly economically).

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A freestanding bottle rack, for the serious wine enthusiast, this one looks equally nice empty or full.


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