Spin City: Silicon Valley Has Rebranded Being a Landlord

As they say in the movie musicals, everything old is new again, and that is particularly true in Silicon Valley. It was recently brought to the internet’s attention that folks are trying to disrupt traditional real estate and hack the system by…becoming landlords?

Sometimes you just hack your way so deep into something you come up with a thing that already exists. Airbnb is out, traditional landlord/renter models are back, baby! Per this gentleman’s suggestion, one can innovate the homeownership space by investing in a property, renting it out and using the rent to cover your overhead and move the needle on your finances. Total. Home. Synergy.

Here are some other traditional things we think are in need of a Silicon Valley rebrand:

  • Plungers (clog hackers)
  • Vacuums (dirt hackers)
  • Irons (wrinkle hackers)
  • Lightbulbs (darkness hackers)

Add yours in the comments. Let’s all do a deep dive into this idea and circle back on the concept soon.

The Times They Are a Changin’:

h/t The Real Deal



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