Stunning International Homes That Make Us Want to Move, Immediately

Chances are, many of the Instagram accounts (and blogs) that you follow are from the United States. However, there’s a whole world of interior design waiting to inspire you, literally. Broadening your decor horizons helps refresh your eye, introduces you to new talent and bold new ideas. Take a look at some of the favorite spaces we’ve found in our internet travels.

Though the living space in the home of SHNordic feels Scandinavian, it’s actually part of her home in the United Kingdom.

Speaking of Scandinavian design, Catherine Doreen‘s bathroom has launched a million bathroom renovation fantasies.

Australia has a thriving design scene — we could fill multiple lists with our favorite sources. This home by CM Studio is a true standout for its fantastic use of natural light.

The kitchen of artist Rosetta Santucci, as featured in Australian mag Inside Out, caught our eye for the colorful tile — and the mix of materials.

At first glance, the Paris kitchen of stylist Emilie Roncal appears simple. But then you notice the gorgeous details that can only be found in a fabulous French home (like those great windows and amazing floors).

Speaking of gorgeous French details, the boho-chic home of entrepreneur Sophie Trem is unlike anything we’d ever seen.

This simple dining room belongs to a designer in Gävle, Sweden who describes her home as the “Big White House.”

Perhaps you’d like your own slice of Swedish heaven for your own? This apartment is up for sale and was decorated by Swedish interior designer Jannike Ebbing.

One of the best reasons to browse international homes is to see what life is like in different climates. This outdoor room in Mexico is but a dream for those of us who live in chillier parts of the United States.

Small is stylish in the Greek home of designer Tina Komninou. Of course, having an authentic stone wall helps make even the tiniest kitchen feel very grand.

Moroccan architecture often features incredible tilework that’s a far, far cry from the all-white tiles we see in American homes. The colorful mosaics are frequently found in interior spaces, like in this incredible bedroom in a home in Fes. And those big doors? They open out to a beautiful courtyard.

In a home located in Cape Town City Bowl in South Africa, a range of wood finishes create a cozy effect. Even though the kitchen is open, it still feels intimate.

The alcove dining area shown above is actually part of an innovative “treehouse home” in Hong Kong, designed by NC Design & Architecture Ltd. Cool, right?

In Geneva, Switzerland, Brazilian interior designer Victoria Jacquemoud takes an eclectic approach. She combines antique and contemporary influences, often including pieces picked up on her extensive travels.


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