The 10 Best Holiday Decorating Ideas from the IKEA Catalog

Every year, IKEA puts out a holiday catalog that not only showcases its new products for the season, but also features innovative (and affordable!) ways to dress up your home for the season. We’ve scoured this year’s press materials for ideas you can easily replicate at home. Some are unusual, some are beautiful, and some are just plain smart. Here are 10 of our favorites.

1. DIY your own advent calendar with gift-wrapped boxes

A stack of 24 tiny, wrapped gifts will make for a special treat for your kids each morning of December—and also a beautiful decoration for your home.

2. Think outside the traditional tree stand

Instead of a tree skirt, place your tree in a galvanized bucket for a bit of an industrial twist.

3. Get creative with lights

No room for a tree? A set of string lights attached to the wall can be used to create a Christmas tree in the most unexpected of spaces.

4. Use what you have when space (and budget) is limited

Here’s another simple and space-saving tree alternative. A simple branch in a jar can still add a little festive spirit (and a place to display a few of your favorite ornaments).

5. Never underestimate the power of grocery items

Sprigs of rosemary and floating cranberries will add a festive touch to even simple drinks, like champagne or sparkling water.

6. …Or freebies from nature

You can also use natural materials like pinecones and tree clippings for a stylish (and inexpensive) alternative to bows on gifts.

7. Play with textural juxtaposition

Natural touches are also very nice on a tabletop. Try pairing them with gold flatware and rough linens (as seen here) to create an interplay of shine and texture.

8. Try a Christmas tent instead of a tree

A Christmas tent in place of a Christmas tree might be a bit strange, but I love the idea of having a place to escape and find refuge during an often hectic time of year.

9. Don’t forget other rooms in the house

Bring Christmas cheer into the bedroom by draping a string of lights around your headboard.

10. Cluster like seasonal items for a powerful display

This last idea might be my favorite one of all. A cluster of star lanterns, hung together in a nook, makes for a magical holiday decoration that can brighten up your house all winter long.


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