Harry Styles Is the Plant Lady We All Aspire To Be

I’ve come to appreciate Harry Styles over the past year. Despite never being a particularly big fan of One Direction—I’m of the NKOTB/BSB/N*SYNC era of boy bandery—I am quite enamored with Harry’s solo album, shorter hair, wild wardrobe, and especially, his penchant for being a true plant lady. Don’t believe me on that last one? We have the receipts.

Mr. Styles—who was just announced as a performer at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show—has a history of loving green, growing things. Here’s the proof that he’s plant lady goals:

(Image credit: Harry Styles / Snapchat)

This iconic plant selfie

Harry’s Snap with a plant is so popular, it’s been memed.

That time he coddled a plant on stage

So protective, just like a proper plant parent.

There’s a line about a cactus in Kiwi

Not kidding.

His reaction to these flowers

When he performed on the Today Show, fans threw roses on stage, and his smile says it all.

Last but not least, these pants

Currently touring with his solo album, Harry wore epic yellow silk pants with plant adorned bookshelves on them at a show in Atlanta. They were custom made by Gucci, and that’s so (money) plant lady. This isn’t a one-off; Harry loves a wild plant/floral print, as can be seen in his wonderful appearance on Carpool Karaoke:

So good.



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