5 Tiny (Yet Inspiring) Bedrooms With Plenty of Lessons to Share

One of the challenges of living in a small apartment is trying to figure out how to fit everything you need into a small bedroom. Fitting everything in, plus the bed (which is pretty essential) can feel nearly impossible, so we’ve rounded up five small bedrooms that make very efficient use of their small footprints—plus ideas you can steal from each one.

The bedroom above, from Hemnet via Apartment Therapy, is a perfect example of small-space efficiency. A wardrobe beside the bed and wall-mounted cabinets above provide plenty of storage, while also making a cozy nest for the bed. At the foot of the bed, where there’s not quite room for more furniture, wall-mounted bookshelves take advantage of a small sliver of space.

Josie and Jules’ small London flat is only 677 square feet, and has two very small bedrooms. The flat lacks closets, but tall, narrow wardrobes on either side of the bed add hanging space, and a shelf above the wardrobes provides extra storage. In the absence of a nightstand, a wall-mounted shelf above the bed serves as a spot for nighttime necessities.

In this small bedroom from Bjurfors, a platform bed (though to be honest, this looks like two dressers side-by-side with a mattress on top) means that storage and sleeping fit into the same small footprint. (Want to make your own? Check out our roundup of DIYs here.) The shelves above provide additional storage, and a wall-mounted desk is another space saver.

The extra-tall cabinet provides pretty significant storage in this small bedroom from Homes to Love—but since it tucks neatly into a corner and is the same color as the wall, it’s very unobtrusive. We’re not entirely sure how anything is accessed in that top cubby, but the lessons is still valuable here.

In this petite bedroom from Stadshem, via My Ideal Home, the bed tucks neatly into a nook between two small nightstands. Wall-mounted lamps free up space on the nightstands, while shelves above the bed provide a handy spot for books without taking up any square footage at all.



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