It’s Etsy’s Cyber Week & All These (& More) Are on Sale

I know, I know. Black Friday used to be a day. And then Cyber Monday came along. Now the two have stretched themselves into a mini shopping season. Not to let the big box stores have all the fun (and dollars), Etsy announced its own Cyber Week — perfect for people who prefer to give their money to the little guy (and gal). There are plenty of sellers participating and offering at least 10% off their usual prices (some much more).

Below are a few of our favorite items on sale, but be sure to explore all the sellers participating in Etsy’s Cyber Week event here.

Newsflash: Solid socks are out. And boring. Pick up a few playful pair like these cheerful mushroom ones. I’m also super into these trees and fern versions.

You keep meaning to become a plant person —now’s your chance. A hanging planter is ideal for small homes and apartments and these faceted, modern hues will look lovely in a window.

Wooden Snowflakes at Wood Present Studio, $18.90 (10% off)

Especially if you’re new to having your own tree and don’t have years of accumulating ornaments under your belt, this is a great starter set and will give your tree (or windows) classic, Old World charm.

Chunky knits are the trend that won’t quit and I’m not complaining.

African Print Pillow Cover by BeSpoke Binny, $23.62 (25% off)

These pillows are the tip of the iceberg in this fun, colorful shop so be sure to poke around for other vibrant patterns.

Stay wild, whether you’ve ever actually gone camping or not.

You gave up your sticker collection a long time ago you say? Time to revive it — use them on gift wrapping, to create casual stationery or just to adorn a notebook.

These MCC-inspired plant stands elevate your plants, look great and come in 8 different wood colors. Choose your favorite size or buy a whole little family of them.

Air Plant Crystal by Air Friend, $22 (10% off if you spend $100)

Do crystals have healing powers? I have no idea. Do they look great holding an air plant? Absolutely.

This little pug feels as if he’s strolled right out of an illustrated children’s book. Sleepy? Self-satisfied? Hard to tell, but I think you’ll be endlessly curious wondering what’s going through his little mind.

Sewn into pillow covers in the U.S., the fabric on these mudcloth and shibori covers is hand painted, hand spun and hand woven in Africa.

Ceramic Whale Mug by Creativity Happens, $26.10 (10% off)

It would almost be a shame to hide these cute mugs in a cabinet, but starting your day sipping coffee or tea from one would put a smile on your face.

All the materials you need to assemble your own enchanting terrarium.

Marble Mouse Pad by YoLo Vibes, $12.95 (15% off if you buy 2 items from the shop)

You may not have marble countertops in your kitchen, but you can afford to have the look at your desk.

We all know that part of the fun of a hobby is the accoutrements. I love the vibrant color choices of these straps and you can even add your name or initials.

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