22 Helpful & Handy Gift Ideas for the Crafter, Maker & Artist — 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

If you know someone who loves to make things — rejoice! — because shopping for crafty types is so easy. They need books, and they need tools, and they need endless quantities of both. To really make your craftiest loved one’s holiday great, pair up the two: an upholstering book and a brad nailer, a modern crochet book with a travel crochet kit, or a gorgeous weaving book and an equally gorgeous pair of scissors. And while gift giving is all about generosity and selflessness, with these gifts there’s always the chance the recipient will make you a little something, too!

This super-thorough book will allow makeover mavens to become reupholstering masters in no time, and the projects are contemporary yet timeless.

Packed with modern, covetable designs, the projects in this book, as mentioned, don’t require needles. Pro tip: stick a little Post-It on your favorite project ::wink : especially if your birthday is coming up soon.

Help your weaving-inclined pal (you know the type) to create heirloom-quality, swoon-worthy wall hangings.

The projects in this book have all the charm we associate with crochet, without any of the fussiness or mustiness. The colors are bright and poppy, and the designs are sweet yet streamlined.

Got a crafter who craves power tools? This little beauty packs a lot of power in a 3lb package. It allows craftspeople to easily and instantly drive brad nails (up to 2 ⅛ inches!) without marring the surface of whatever they happen to be nailing.

If it’s possible for tape to be sophisticated and adorable all at once, this is. Give your favorite crafter their new signature tape. Everyone needs a signature tape.

Strong, sharp scissors are a must, and if they also happen to be glam and gold? An ABSOLUTE MUST. The bonus set of teeny, folding scissors will let the crafting continue in the friendly skies.

Bamboo knitting needles are primarily prized because they’re oh-so-quiet (no more of that metal-on-metal clacking), but they’re also lightweight and generally easier for beginners to use.

Every serious maker needs a work table, and this one has two drawers, five shelves, and seven cubbies for maximum organizational flexibility. Now you just need to surreptitiously measure your loved one’s craft room.

Your favorite crossstitcher can commemorate their travels in style, thanks to this fabric map. (Seriously, check out the rest of the images to see all the amazing ways this map can be adorned.)

Consider this crochet set that has everything: crochet hooks, ruler, stitch markers, cable knitting and sewing needles, stitch holders, scissors, measuring tape, and row counter, all suitable for air travel and corralled in the adorable case of your choice.

For the devoted scrapbooker in your life: Give the gift of letting them create exactly what they envision for their scrapbooks and other projects, without having to be tied to the offerings in the sticker and adornment aisle of the craft store.

Perhaps one of the most recognizable names in sewing, this beauty has been rated 5 stars by 1,846 reviewers (73% of total reviewers), and you KNOW how particular sewing types are.

Print aficionados have been waiting impatiently for a replacement to the dearly departed Print Gocco—is this it, at last? This compact kit has a reusable screen and wooden frame and squeegee, so that’s a great start.

The key to crafting greatness is good lighting, especially during the dark winter months ahead. This heavy-duty lamp is made of solid wood, iron and tons of Scandinavian style.

Perfect for a quilter on the go who can’t get their sew on on, say, the subway, or for someone who loves the aesthetic of quilts but isn’t so hot on sewing.

It’s a beautiful moment in correspondence history, when you can send endless gifs and wax-sealed letters.

Give this beautiful tool box to your friend (of any gender) who both dresses like Paul F. Tompkins and aspires to handiness.

A wooden travel kit will allow your painterly friends to be the Bob Ross of the break room. Perhaps they’ll make you a thank-you painting!

You’ll definitely get a thank-you pint if you give this to your most microbrew-loving pal. This kit is also available in five other beer flavors (varietals?), in case IPAs aren’t your favorite—uh, your friend’s favorite!

Any green thumb will love this kit six-piece set. It has everything the gardeners you love need—except for the precise amounts of sun and rain that they’re hoping for at any particular moment.

This is the perfect present for the person on your list who loves fresh herbs, but doesn’t happen to be a hardcore gardener and landowner. This minimal grow kit will look amazing in a modern kitchen!

*Note: All prices were accurate during the editing process, but may have fluctuated since then. If they have, hopefully the items are less expensive and not more expensive!

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