30 Really Great Gift Ideas From Etsy For Every Budget

Looking for special gifts that will leave the giftee all warm and fuzzy? Skip the usual big box retailers and flashy tech items and consider the flipside of holiday shopping: the handmade, artisanal little guy. Etsy has more fantastic store fronts than we can even begin to count, so there’s basically something for everyone. If you want to save time by scrolling through countless regretsy-type products and go straight to the good stuff, read on for 30 of our favorite finds.

$25 & Under

Have a friend who’s a cat lover and also lives for happy hour? You can’t go wrong with cats rocks glasses.

Upgrade your favorite wino’s bar cart with striking yet minimal bottle stoppers like these.

For the friend or loved one who always has an immaculately set table, these hand-printed napkins should inspire them to think outside the box for their next dinner party.

A great gift for a coworker, yoga buddy or book club partner you might not know intimately (but you at least know their initial!).

Know someone who can rival Lorelai Gilmore’s caffeine addiction (and someone who will know what that event means)? This is their mug.

Pick between two metallic finishes for these super sharp and modern candlesticks.

Download and print this art piece yourself for less than $5. Add a simple frame to take it to the next level.

Every luscious product in 7 Chakras Soap’s shop is on sale for a limited time. Part of Etsy’s Cyber Week sale, you’ll get 15% off your purchase of $75 or more. So buy something for a friend, your mom, yourself and cash in on that discount.

Also part of Etsy’s sale, these bookends are marketed toward the younger set, but they’d look just as lovely on a grown-up’s bookshelf.

$50 & Under

Great for a small space like a kitchen or bathroom, each of these shelves in this set can hold up to 10 pounds.

Give the gift of relaxation with this 11-piece all-natural bath bomb set.

It’s a cat. It’s chubby. It’s a planter. It’s a chubby cat planter! What’s not to love here?

Custom made to order means these will take a little longer to get to you, so plan ahead to make sure these arrive on time for the holidays.

Your go-to couple friend who sometimes feel like adoptive parents will love this simple line drawing you commission of them, surely.

Wide and low with a heavy, solid bottom makes these hand blown whiskey glasses feel like a real luxury.

Walnut plant stands like this one have been all the rage the past year or two but are expensive. This one comes in at under $40 (but keep in mind the ceramic pot is not included).

After a long, hard year, you (or whoever you may be considering gifting this to), deserve an equally long soak with “replenishing” bath salts.

Pair this petite planter with a succulent for anyone known to have a black thumb; it takes a special kind to kill a succulent or cactus, so they’ll be grateful for some greenery in their home.

Candle scents inspired by beloved books? Yes, please! The fragrance in this luxury, ethical hand-poured soy wax is a rich, complex fragrance that combines cedarwood and sandalwood with earthy leather and decadent brandy, inspired by Ford Madox Ford’s Parade’s End. Each fragrance note is taken from the story that inspires the candle so every Literati & Light candle really does tell a scented story.

The handmade ceramics from Free Folding are so lovely, earthy and unexpected, though a bit pricey. If you love the look, this small planter comes in at $40, making it an affordable yet thoughtful gift for a plant lover.

$100 & Under

Black and white is a safe bet if you are unsure of someone’s home color palette.

Gift this stunning black leather and brass accented clock to the modern decorist in your life. We promise they won’t have anything like it already.

Be sure to order this cheese board early to leave enough time for it to be made just for its recipient.

Currently 20% off during the Cyber Week sale, this cotton pouf will add a super cozy vibe to whoever gets to unwrap it.

Small kitchens call for clever multipurpose products. We’re digging this tablet dock-meets-utensil-holder for that very reason. (Also available in a few different colors and finishes.)

A wonderful super chic gift for just about any room in the house.


If you know someone who’s had this French press by Yield on their “I desperately needs these products” Pinterest board for two years, consider making their year by adding it to their life.

Hand woven in Poland, the muted palette on this boho-style tapestry would work in so many aesthetics.

Made of merino wool, this extra chunky blanket (choose from a variety of sizes and price points) will keep any home body snug and warm all winter long.

As if the diamond pattern on the hand-blown body of this decanter weren’t gorgeous enough, it’s topped off with a super luxe 24-karat gold leaf stopper. So posh!

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