Gifts to Solidify Your Permanent Spot on Your Favorite Entertainer’s Guest List — 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Do you have a friend who just loves to entertain? Say “Thank You” for all the times they’ve had you over for dinner parties, cocktails, or just a casual evening by giving them something they’re sure to love. From the world’s most beautiful bottle opener to a full set of cocktail glasses, these gifts will help your loved ones take their entertaining game to the next level.

There’s something so sophisticated about drinking whiskey from a decanter, and the extra bit of sparkle takes this one to the next level.

This set includes cocktail essentials like a strainer and muddler, and is pretty enough to leave out.

A honeycomb shape like this one will look lovely even when it’s not filled with wine.

For the consummate hostess, having an extra bottle opener on hand is never a bad idea—and this one is just so pretty.

Beautiful napkins are the perfect finishing touch to any table, and these are versatile enough to use for all kinds of occasions.

The beautiful, classic style of these coupe glasses is sure to add a touch of glam to any entertainment.

Just like the ones they have in restaurants—beautiful, and also very useful for keeping white wine chilled as you’re lingering over the table.

There’s something about this game that never gets old. And this one is HUGE, which takes the traditional party game to the next level.

The ultimate gift for any lover of gin (or any kind of cocktails, really), this includes eight cocktail glasses in four different styles, an ice bucket, and a beautiful ash stand that folds when not in use.

There’s nothing quite like sharing a cup of hot chocolate with friends on a cold night—and this pot is pretty enough to leave out even when not in use.

To keep even the pickiest guests happy, this deluxe single-serve coffee maker can be configured for different cup sizes and brew strengths.

This handy device fits into the mouth of a bottle of wine and instantly aerates as you pour, opening up the taste of your favorite vintages.

Cake stands are perfect for, well, serving cake, but you can also use them to serve other dishes, or just as a pretty catch-all in your kitchen.

Small and gold-speckled, this platter is both beautiful and versatile, perfect as a serving dish, or as a catch-all for smaller items elsewhere in the home.

Anyone who’s ever been to a party, and loves cheese, will probably know the frustration of trying to cut cheese with the wrong kind of knife. This stylish set has four different shapes, perfect for ever kind of cheese.

Decanting helps to open up the flavor of big-bodies red wines, and this decanter will look lovely sitting on your tabletop, to boot.

The combination of wood and pink marble is so pretty—this would look dreamy hanging on a wall of the kitchen when it’s not being used for serving.

Perfect for the budding bartender, this cocktail guide has plenty of recipes that will be appreciated by even the seasoned drink-maker.

Tired of playing the same games at every dinner party you attend? Gift this highly entertaining new game to your favorite entertainer. It’s like a mashup of Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, where you can instantly create your own hilarious (and possibly very inappropriate) memes.

Perfect for serving salsa, condiments, or anything else you can image in style.

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