20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the People On Your List You Only Sort of Know — 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

We all have those people we buy gifts for this time of year that stump us. A co-worker, a significant other’s great aunt, a neighbor…you know, the ones you know well enough to want to offer the kind gesture of a holiday gift but not well enough that you’re intimately familiar with their personal wish-list. Well, we’re here to help remedy the conundrum with this roundup of thoughtful and clever gift ideas sure that are guaranteed to delight.

This tech corral is great for that person who doesn’t go anywhere without their smartphone, Kindle, laptop, and more—because you know they bring all that to bed, too. The subtle gray neoprene is perfect for a bedroom.

The beautiful gilded candle just screams GIFT. It’s so pretty and indulgent, the type of thing most folks won’t buy themselves, and Prosecco is a subtle scent that has a good chance of pleasing almost everyone.

Gorgeous soaps are a low-cost, high-style gift that everyone should keep on-hand. You can give a bundle to a favorite coworker, or give one to everyone in the office.

Do you know someone who always makes you feel better about yourself? Help them spread their love with this peppy set of postcards bound in a gifty neon book.

If someone you know wears a Rosé All Day sweatshirt and counts down the minutes till Prosecc-o’clock, they definitely need this chic triple-insulated wine thermos, complete with spill-proof lid.

There’s definitely someone at your work who still has a Hang In There kitten poster in their cubicle, right? Modernize their motivation with this lovely desk notebook, which also offers room for their own inspiring thoughts.

Foodie Dice at Uncommon Goods, $24

This is an amazing gift for anyone who loves Chopped (so, everyone, right?). They can keep this set in their desk and roll the dice before heading out to do their evening grocery shopping.

For anyone who appreciates a play on words. This plate has something for everyone: gold details, an exasperated fox, a flower crown, a petite size (crucial if you don’t know someone’s home intimately), and, most importantly, a saucy pun.

The beauty of squads is that you can have a bunch: your ride-or-die BFF squad, of course, but also your Spin class squad, soup kitchen volunteer squad, book club squad, or trivia night squad. They all need a mug.

Nearly everyone on your list has cords to corral and screens to clean; these sparkly beauties will help them do all that and more.

This intriguing game is like a grownup cross between Apples To Apples and Would You Rather! And if you don’t know a ton about the recipient now, you definitely will after playing with them.

The true beauty of this natural candle, available in a variety of wintery scents, is that the box it comes in is so pretty, there’s no need for gift wrapping! This is really a gift for you.

Know a go-getter with big plans and even bigger dreams? This elegant cloth-bound book will give them a spot to record all their dearest hopes and secret goals.

This is a ridiculously cute set that anyone who loves pizza should always have on-hand. Truffle salt and Aleppo pepper are a major step up from those little paper pouches.

Everyone on your list needs to charge things, all the time, so they all need this incredibly pretty charger that converts the sun’s rays into unlikely animal friend videos.

One of the great joys in life is serving oneself a proper cup of tea from a proper pot, especially if they happen to be handpainted and gilded. This is a must for the tea lover you know.

Is there someone you don’t know well because they’re always galavanting around the world? Protect their precious passport with this sassy case. Also great for a recent grad with wanderlust!

Do you have an entirely book-based friendship with someone? Treasure it, and show your appreciation for all their killer recs with this brass beauty.

No matter how well you don’t know a person, you’ve probably seen them carrying their bag, so you know if a jaunty little pouch is their style. And everyone could use a pouch!

Every single person on your list can use a bit of enthusiasm from time to time. Give them a good cheering-on even when you’re not there via this festive tray.

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