Gift Guide for Love Warriors 2017!!!

Our family goal is to finish holiday shopping by the first week of December.

We never get it exactly right. But we try hard – so we can spend the month of December making memories instead of trips to the mall. So that our minds are not full of to-do lists, so stress is lower, so the kids are slightly more immune to the holiday marketing onslaught. So we are better able to spend the holidays focused on what we HAVE instead of what we WANT. So mom can enjoy December too.

I ask the kiddos to make their wish lists based on this poem:  Something you Want, something you Need, something to Wear, something to Read.

That’s good, right? Simplify, simplify, simplify. This year, we created our gift guide with that little poem in mind:

WANT:  I’m guessing you’re going to want every single one of these new special edition prints featuring our community’s most beloved mantras.  I’ve got these rally cries hanging all over my house to remind my babies and me what is true when we forget. I’m giving these to everyone I know as gifts this year.

NEED:  Obviously, we need coffee.  More than almost anything else. So, back by popular demand, are our custom kids’ quote mugs — and we also have a new collection of Coffee & Revolution mugs.  Revolution . . . but first, coffee.

WEAR:  My hope is that wearing our special edition refocus band will change your day by constantly reminding you that Yes, life is hard, but WE CAN DO HARD THINGS — and that wearing them will also change the world, because 100% of our proceeds from these bands go to Together Rising’s world-healing work.  Cool thing: We also have kids’ sizes for your little Love Warriors – so we can send them to school wearing courage and hope and warriorness on their wrists. I love it.

READ:  We’ve included the forty books that Abby, the kids and I have read (and re-read) this year. Q: WHAT’S BETTER THAN A BOOK? A: LOTSA BOOKS.

Here’s my favorite part…. This year, more than ever, the gifts we really need going into 2018 are HOPE, EMPOWERMENT, PURPOSE, and CONNECTEDNESS.  I am thrilled to tell you that I know how you can receive and give those gifts this year. JOIN TOGETHER RISING’S TEAM HELPERS FOR 2018. Remember how Mister Rogers’ mom told him that in the face of tragedy, he should look for the helpers? That is what Together Rising is: When crisis hits a life, a family, a community, the world – we are heartbroken but not hopeless because we are the first responders and we are already on our way.

So, give the gift of joining Team Helpers in 2018.  Join by becoming a monthly donor – you can give for your family, or for your child or partner or friend – and when you give, you’ll receive a downloadable gift certificate to wrap up and give to your person to show them they are now on Team Helpers!! As always, every penny Together Rising receives from your donations goes directly to people in need. This is unusual and beautiful. Join us to heal the world.

So, get your shopping done in your pajamas today, and then call it a year. Make December a time to step back and look at your life and your people and the divine and appreciate and marvel and soak it all up.  JOY TO THE WORLD!!!


I am so happy to show you these gorgeous, fierce special edition art prints featuring our community’s most beloved rally cries — designed by one of my oldest and dearest friends, Joanna Kosmides Edwards – the Joanna who helped me through college and helped me start this blog; the Joanna who introduced Sister to her husband; the Joanna who designed the book cover and symbol of Love Warrior.  Look what we’re doing together, Joey!!!

Hang these prints on your walls to remind your family what is TRUE, collect them all to give away as gifts throughout the year, get them for teacher’s classrooms – I can’t think of ANYONE who wouldn’t love these. Deck your halls with wisdom, truth, and goodness. (We have each of these designs in greeting cards as well!)

WearAble Reminder: We Can Do Hard Things

My friend Deanna taught me this, which rang true to me: We produce up to 60,000 thoughts a day, and 80% of our thoughts are negative. Deanna created Refocus bands so that every time a defeatist thought is about to take control, we can flip the band, refocus our thoughts and remember what is important and true and hopeful.

I like that. Had I thought of that, maybe I could have just gotten one of these bands instead of my wrist tattoo. Too late for me, but not for you! Wear this reminder that yes, LIFE IS HARD, BUT WE CAN DO HARD THINGS. A cool thing about these bands: WE HAVE MATCHING KIDS’ BANDS! Send your babies off into the world wearing your love and hope and courage on their wrists! Another cool thing about these bands: 100% of our proceeds go to Together Rising’s world-healing work! Wear good, do good. Love.



It’s an overwhelming time to be a person in the world. We might be heartbroken, but we are NOT hopeless and we are not helpless. Because we can do hard things. Together, you and Together Rising can rush toward the pain of the world, of communities, of lives and commit to doing The Next Right Thing, One Thing at a Time. That will take us all the way home.

Join Us! A monthly tax-deductible donation (even $5!) puts you on Together Rising’s TEAM HELPERS doing world-healing work all year round! Give as a holiday gift to the world from your family, or for a friend or loved one. When you sign up, download the card as a holiday gift!  We are also gratefully accepting one-time donations! As always, 100% of what Together Rising receives from your donations goes to people in need.

As an honorary member of TEAM HELPERS, know this: When crisis hits, YOU ARE ALREADY ON THE WAY.  JOY TO THE WORLD!!!













And back by popular demand from last year’s guide, the kids’ quotable personalized mugs! We also have a new collection of Coffee & Revolution mugs.  Revolution . . . but first, coffee. Also in the store is our “be kind. be wise. be brave.” t-shirt collection, as well as the most-loved totes, tees, magnets and more.

Zazzle Mugs


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