Pillows, Throws & So Much More: Fabulous Gifts for the Decor Fanatic — 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Is there someone on your list whose home is just impossibly chic? Do they devour decorating blogs and coffee table books with unusual relish? Whether they’re a seasoned decorator or just starting to furnish their first home, you’ll find something for every kind of home decor lover on our list of stylish gifts.

Marble coasters (with just a tiny touch of brass) are perfect for adding a bit of luxury to any space.

Yes, they’re coasters (that come together as a trivet), but you may find yourself staring at these playful geometric tiles, a little bit hypnotized. They’re perfect for adding a modern, geometric touch to any table.

Know someone who loves marble all over their home? Give them a gift they’ll be totally jazzed about by adding a touch of the luxury material to their outfit, too.

Decorists can never have enough pillows, particularly if they come in a beautiful pale pink and a cuddly texture. Oh, and have pompoms. You’re never too old for pompoms.

Baskets are extremely useful for corralling clutter around the house, and the playful pom-poms mean that this one is very nice to look at, too.

These long matches—almost eight inches—have a delicate, dreamy scent, turning lighting a candle (or anything else) into a small indulgence.

Finding ways to play music is easy, but listening to vinyl feels like an Event. And this one is covered in velvet, which is pretty exciting (and unusual).

Give the gift of the hippest of houseplants, without any of the maintenance. (Or choose one of the other houseplant prints, or a set of all three.)

The simple act of opening a beer will never be the same ever again.

Cloches are so incredibly versatile place one over any object, and it will instantly seem a little more special and important.

We all know someone who needs this. Possibly everyone needs this.

This petite planter is perfect as a desktop accent. (For bonus points, give it to the recipient pre-loaded with an adorable succulent.)

Perfect for a friend who loves candles, this tiny elephant both holds matches and ignites them on the porcelain base.

Perfect for anyone who loves cats and has a need for measuring and serving beverages. Just really, really perfect.

These petite candles smell pretty, and look pretty, too, so the perpetual nester can save the containers for vases once they’re done with them.

A wonderful gift for anyone who loves handcrafted items or color, this basket can be hung on the wall or placed on a side table as a catch-all for various items.

Another perfect gift for the candle fiend, this tray holds candles and gives them an elegant, cohesive look.

Throw blankets are always nice to have, and this one has an appealing geometric pattern. It’s designed to be draped at the end of a bed, or over an accent chair.

What decor enthusiast wouldn’t love a shiny brass candleholder? It’s perfect for adding a little touch of kitsch to any space.

This versatile piece has a pattern that gives it a subtle texture. Use on the tabletop, or to display a treasured collection.

Trays, large and small, are a must for anyone who likes to carefully—and beautifully—gather items throughout the house. This one has a beautiful iridescent finish that feels very of the moment.

Hand-painted, artisan-made leather coasters are just the unique touch any decorist would love to have in their home. These by artist Lillian Farag are sealed with a waterproof wax to ensure they last.

Upgrade a loved ones plant situation with a this planter. Made of aluminum with a brass finish, it will elevate the look of even the humblest of ferns.

This portable wireless speaker, which responds to voice commands, sounds great and looks even better.

Here’s a blanket with tassels and embroidered llamas. What more could someone dream of for their home?

This sleek, modern design is expandable to fit a variety of spaces—perfect for a bedroom or bathroom, or for holding throws in the living room.

Clocks seem to be a decor item of yesteryear, but this simple, modern design is beautifully detailed—and it can be hung on a wall or stood up on a tabletop for those who appreciate not having to look at their phones every instant for the time.

These simple wooden frames are an elegant, modern way to hang posters and artwork.

Help your friends communicate their message to guests early. (Also available in a Pizza version.)

A quirky wall hanging will add a little shine and texture to an unloved corner.

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