Readers Gonna Read: 15 Books to Gift the Insatiable Bibliophile — 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Books are always a safe bet as a gift for nearly anyone when you’re stumped, but they’re a jump-for-joy-inducing gesture for the voracious reader you know. Make someone’s year with one of these new books that run the gamut from decorating to women who inspire to gardening tips and, of course, cats.

Kieran Scott is a photographer who combined powerful portraits of empowering women with thought-provoking questions. If ever there were a book to inspire change in the world, this one is it.

While a good gift for book lovers in general, this one is especially an awesome one for cat lovers, since a can of cat food is donated to nonprofits with each sale of the book. Feeding cats and adorable collages of plants on their heads? Win-win.

The editors of Domino thankfully published a guide to finding your own personal style and implementing it into your home in an accessible way. We could all use a little help with that, no?

Let Gray Malin’s collection of adventurous and whimsical aerial photographs whisk you away to exotic destinations like Namibia and Bora Bora. Take us with you Gray! Seriously, we’ll hide in your suitcase!

You can never go wrong with the gift of pop culture. Mario’s on the cover (the Super one of course), so expect some serious nostalgia.

From a splash of color, to a bit of shine, to clever storage solutions, this book is the perfect gift for anyone who’s looking for a few design tip from a few design greats.

Now we’re talking: design inspiration that doubles as self-help. Style maven Moorea Seal lets readers into her home and office, lending her advice and personal journey for finding comfort in your home. Give this to your creative DIYer friend or relative!

Know someone with a big family and lots of chaos in their lives? Let them read these tips for simplifying their home and I’m sure they’ll thank you!

Sometimes the person who knows the president the best is the White House photographer—there to capture every moment forever. Here’s a book for your friend who wishes they could go back in time to 2008.

This is an anthology of inspiring women throughout history (from Gloria Steinem to Carrie Bradshaw), seen through the eyes of the classic fashion brand.

They’re America’s sweethearts, and with their hit show coming to an end and their new collection with Target debuting, there’s no better time to give fans a glimpse into the story of how they met and got to where they are now. (Spoiler alert: Joanna used to work behind the counter at a Firestone and Chip brought in his car one day.)

Sometimes the reality is that life is messy. Myquillyn Smith shares how to embrace that and still have a beautiful home.

Our favorite plant connoisseur and boho chic authority helps fill your home with spirit and good vibes. And bonus points for making your coffee table look pretty.

The best scene in “The Devil Wears Prada” is when Meryl Streep gives her history lesson on the color blue (more specifically, cerulean). You know the one. Well, this book goes a little deeper (think Picasso’s blue period, the cave walls at Lascaux, politics and war). You’ll never look at a color in the same way again.

Succulents and palms are all the rage, but if you know someone who wishes they had a green thumb, this gardening guide will help them get there!

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