This Modern Home has a Climbable, Ladder-less Bookshelf

(Image credit: tsukui teruaki)

Floor to ceiling bookshelves are on many a design enthusiast’s wish list. This diagonal, climbable bookshelf not only looks great, but it is also part of the structure of the home.

(Image credit: tsukui teruaki)

Designed by Shinsuke Fujii Architects, this home is made entirely of reinforced wood and concrete, with its bookshelf wall serving multiple purposes. The bookshelf is built on a diagonal wall that is part of the structural integrity of the home. The slant makes it climbable sans latter and easy to store books on the higher shelves.

(Image credit: tsukui teruaki)

Located in Yokohama, Japan, the home is designed with the landscape and location in mind, it juts out to protect the entrance of the home from rain and snow and the bookshelf itself is designed to be earthquake proof.

(Image credit: tsukui teruaki)

The home is open and airy and the bookshelf connects the upper and lower levels. The lofted areas create unique spaces, while the high ceilings, warm wood, and large windows give the home a bright, lofted feel. This practical, safety minded, home is a modern loving bibliophile’s paradise.

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