Call Me By Your Name Is Also a Love Story of Italian Interiors

Heading to the movies this holiday season? Well then you should probably be aware that there is some serious travel and house porn hitting an indie movie screen near you. Call Me By Your Name (out in limited release) is a coming-of-age love story set in the Italian countryside during the summer of 1983, and starring Armie Hammer.

Hammer plays a 24-year-old research assistant to an art professor who joins the professor and his family at their summer retreat. And yes, the film’s interiors are every bit as dreamy as you’d imagine. Think the 1996 Liv Tyler film Stealing Beauty or 2003’s Under The Tuscan Sun. Remember when the scenery and sets of the latter seemingly overnight launched all of American into a decade of Tuscan-inspired decor? Well, Call Me By Your Name may similarly have design lovers swooning.

That family’s retreat is the the film’s centerpiece. The country estate, known as Villa Albergoni, is a real life 17th-century property located in the Lombardy region of Italy. Interior designer turned-first-time-set-decorator Violante Visconti di Modrone is responsible for the villa’s hauntingly alluring look and feel.

The idea was to make the villa “feel like a family home that was really loved by its owner,” di Modrone says in an interview with The Spaces. “I wanted to convey the feeling of time passing, that people were there long before this family.” To get the exact right look for the villa, di Modrone even borrowed number of pieces from the homes of her own friends and family.

The villa’s study epitomizes that loved-and-lived-in feeling. It features dark woods, warm red tones, vintage rugs, a hodgepodge of beautiful old chairs, and floor-to-ceiling books in no particular order. This room is undoubtedly the organized chaos of a professor.

The family’s salon features a similar, yet more refined look. A stately piano, beautiful antique chandelier, and architectural ceilings make this room an absolute stunner.

When you’re summering in Italy of course you’d position your bed so that each morning, you’d be gently awakened by the warm sun spilling in. We also love how attention was paid to the film’s time period. A hand-drawn picture of tennis player Bjorn Borg, circa the 1981 French Open, adorns the wall of Elio’s bedroom.

Despite the kitschy red TV on the shelf, the home’s large country kitchen maintains a rustic vibe with the red and white gingham sink skirt and a collection of hanging copper pots.

What do you think—do the film’s interiors have you lusting after your own Italian villa? Tell us in the comments.


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