Give the Gift of Booze (But Not Before Zhushing Up Your Bottles)

If you’re giving the gift of a bottle of something delicious—wine, beer, homemade syrup, fancy sparkling water—consider sprucing it up with a bit of handmade cheer. These 10 projects range from the classic Wrapped-In-A-Tea-Towel to the delightfully unnecessary Transformed-Into-A-Pineapple…

These are so unbelievably gorgeous. You could wrap a case-worth of bottles and use them as decorations until it’s time to give each one away.

Buffalo check is always irresistible, of course, but a wine bottle adorably wrapped in a pair of cozy knee socks? The greatest gift of all.

This post is so helpful because it includes three levels of wrapping for three levels of gift giving, from the Neighbor Pop-By to the Thanks For Hosting All Weekend.

This tutorial is easily customizable for your level of craftiness and ambition. You could go for a simple canvas roll-down OR a hand-dyed canvas bag with leather handles, homemade gift tag, and handmade pom poms.

I give you the faux fur wine bag in all of its wintery, over-the-top glory. This one has a bit of a Night’s Watch aesthetic, while others, like this one by Kristi Murphy, have more of a Greta Garbo vibe.

We’ve embraced the pineapple Christmas tree trend, but how about this project? Thanks to the genius who realized that if you glue a ton of Ferrero Rocher chocolates to a bottle of wine and adorn it with tons of folderol, you get this irresistibly tacky sensation that will be coveted by all.

Put on your favorite winter movie and start an assembly line of wire and rosemary bending. Then you can simply plop them on affordable bottles of wine—I recommend Trader Joe’s Prosecco in the $4-6 range!

This post has a bunch of great ideas—wine bottle wrapped with a cheese board and wine bottle as part of a spa gift basket—but the brilliant simplicity of the teeny disco ball (everyone needs a teeny disco ball this time of year) was the festive holiday winner.

This project is a few years old, but it’s important to know that you can roll an entire bottle of Cava or Prosecco in glitter before you give them to your favorite people. There’s simply nothing more festive than a glittered bottle of bubbly.

Finally, consider adding a wine stopper as a little extra something. This gift is perfect for that friend who takes a few days to finish a bottle of wine; they’ll think of you fondly every time they use it. Simply tie your stopper on to the bottle with a length of twine!


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