This “Relaxation” Pod Hangs Off The Side of a Building

Who among us hasn’t wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of city life? Designer Alice Bleton had created a pod for stressed-out folks who want a little calm and quiet. The fiberglass hut is designed to hang from the side of a roof, offering up relaxation a sense of expansiveness.

Inspired by living structures designed for extreme climates and bunkers, the pod is simple and sturdy. The lightweight fiberglass pieces are made of a transparent resin to let light in and is made of 21 pieces total. Of the capsule, Alice Bleton says:

The Monade Capsule is an urban hut. This transparent capsule on a roof high above the city offers a temporary escape to the urban hub, while also allowing us to reconnect with our environment. The capsule nestles in the density of the city, but escapes it due to its high position.

The L Shape of the capsule lets it essentially hook on to the side roof, while the load-bearing base provides support for up to five people at a time. An ideal escape for those who want to feel above the noise and mess of a city, and aren’t afraid of heights!

More modern ways to escape:

h/t Inhabitat


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