​Deck the Tree With These Non-Traditional & Unexpected DIY Ornaments

Tired of decorating your tree with candy canes, snowflakes, and ornaments from the Hallmark Store? This year, deck the halls with piñatas, gumball machines, unicorns, s’mores, and Princess Leias, all made by your own talented hands. Get started on these 14 tutorials now so you can adorn your tree—or presents—with the most creative projects ASAP.

Why shouldn’t unicorns be part of the Christmas mythos! These glittery beauties are perfect for winter and a great project for older kids.

How adorable! You could make these with rainbow pom poms as shown here, or stick to a wintry palette, whatever suits your look. You’ll also need clear ball ornaments (go ahead and buy a case of them), model magic clay, spray paint, adhesive vinyl, and construction paper.

Now that you own clay and pom poms, you can make these cuties, too! You will need some animal cookie cutters; I’m partial to the IKEA boreal forest set.

Honeycomb decorations are irresistible, but perhaps you can’t find them in colors and shapes that suit you? Thanks to this tutorial, you can now make whatever honeycombs you could ever dream of!

These are ornaments and presents in one—and activities, if you decide to whack them open with tiny sticks. Consider adorning gift bottles of wine with these, because grownups need to have fun, too.

Those big, flaky, iridescent “snowflakes” are irresistibly over-the-top, so you should definitely fill and/or coat all of your ornaments with it. Spray adhesive is the secret weapon for this one.

These are reminiscent of old-fashioned ornaments, but the sheer iridescent colors feel very modern. Doing them all in a single color could be an interesting look, too.

Stock up on model magic clay and sprinkles, and get those visions of sugarplums out of your head and dancing on your tree. The sprinkle toast—hagelslag in Dutch—is the cutest.

Celebrate the Winonaissance, Steve’s luscious locks, Sheriff Hopper’s dad bod, and all things Eleven with this sweet yet creepy ornament.

Does your tree need holly, birdies, and or elves, all crafted out of sweet little pinecones? Tackle one of all of these little projects and let cuteness reign.

If you don’t have access to wild nature, don’t despair; your local farmer’s market, florist, or grocery store might have bunches of greenery at a reasonable price. Watch the video tutorial for the full how-to!

Honor dearly departed Carrie Fisher & General Organa with these little ornaments. And if you find you need to eat your feelings? These ornaments also happen to be delicious.

These ornaments are so extremely traditional, they come back around to being non-traditional—who puts candles on their tree these days?! They’re totally charming, especially if you go for a sort of Muppet Christmas Carol aesthetic.

Did you opt for a tabletop tree? These teeny ornaments will be perfect, and they’d make elegant decorations on gift-wrapped packages.

If paint rollers, tool boxes, and screw drivers are more your style, these mini tool ornaments better be on your tree this year. Jaime has step-by-step tutorials for most of the minis, but I suggest starting things off with the tiny measuring tape.



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