The Gifts Your Dog Would Tell You to Buy (If They Could Talk)

It’s not the holidays unless every beloved member of your family is included somehow, right? And that means your pets, too. While you’re exchanging gifts with friends and family, don’t forget about your dog—not that you ever would. But if you really want to spoil your dog—with things you can also enjoy, even if just aesthetically—we’ve got you covered.

From cozy beds to tasty treats, here’s what your favorite four-legged friend will enjoy this holiday season.

A Cozy Hideaway

Pet Teepee (MiniCamp, $67+ depending on size)

We could all use a hideout from time to time and your dog can retreat to its own padded teepee for naps or to get away from paparazzi and the flow of holiday house guests.

A Bed They’ll Never Want to Leave

The best thing you can get for your pup is a bed that they’ll love to snooze in. Casper doesn’t think the humans in the house should be the only ones to have a great sleep so they’re bringing the same comfort to your furry companions. Just like their regular mattresses, your dog has 100 days to try it out and get a no-hassle refund if it’s a no-go.

A Cozy Blanket That Doesn’t Clash

A gift that’s great for you and your pup? A cozy blanket they’ll love to curl up in, but that doesn’t look like a dog blanket. This gray faux fur and flannel through from PetSmart is the best of both worlds.

A Collar Embellishment

A Jazzy Accessory

Dog Bowtie (The Foggy Dog, $16)

Does your pooch have a lot of holiday invites this year? Well then you might need to pick up a few new accessories so he doesn’t get caught wearing the same thing twice. Not into bowties? We love the bandanas, too.

A Food Bowl That’s On Trend

For a food (and water) dish that doesn’t necessarily look like it came straight from the pet store, this bowl—which comes in 3 different sizes and four different colors—will keep your four-legged friend fed and hydrated in style.

A Leash for More Stylish Walks

Up your leash game with a stylish and sturdy rope leash, like this one from DowntownDogMD on Etsy. It comes in many colors and pattern options (the one above is an emerald green ombre, but you can also find marbled and solid colors, too) as well as thicknesses to suit your dog’s size and needs.

A Fashion-Forward Harness

Because what’s a brand new leash without a comfortable harness to compliment it. See Scout Sleep offers collars, harnesses, and leashes in stylish color combos and patterns to please any modern pup.

A Toy That Dispenses Treats

Toys are great, but toys that also give your dog treats? Priceless. This geometric pink puzzle toy slowly dispenses treats as your dog plays with it, so they’ll have fun and be rewarded all in one.

A Toy That Looks Like a Treat

Honestly, this little wool pretzel toy doesn’t have any particularly special features, but it’s so cute I couldn’t resist including it, and your dog won’t be able to resist it all. And for a dog toy, you have to admit—it’s pretty stylish and wouldn’t look so bad strewn across the living room floor.

And of Course, a Holiday Stocking

If the rest of the family has stockings, well, your favorite furry friend should too. This one from The Foggy Dog on Etsy is customizable and made from natural linen—but best of all, it’s festive and still on-theme for your dog, as it’s shaped like a bone.

…That You Can Fill with Seasonal Treats

Once you’ve got the stocking situation covered, it’s time to fill it with treats—that’s the whole point, right? If you can’t feed your dog table scraps, they can still enjoy a seasonal snack with these holiday-themed dog biscuits made with pumpkin, turkey and cranberries.

And Festive Bones and Chews

Bones and other chewy treats should also make their way into your pup’s stocking, and a braided rawhide wreath like this one (which also has beef and pork flavoring) is the perfect seasonal option.


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