For the Last-Minute Gift Giver: Creative Ways to Up Your Gift Card Giving Game

Sometimes gift cards get a bad rap, but they’re often the very best present you can give. Whether there’s someone on your list in college struggling to afford groceries, someone saving up for a sofa, or someone whose favorite sport is getting the most points and samples from Sephora possible, a gift card will be incredibly appreciated. And if buying gift cards is the maximum holiday shopping you’re up for, don’t feel like you’re giving a lesser gift! You’re doing great. If you DO decide you’d like to spruce your gift cards up a wee bit, these 10 ideas will help them shine.

These are delightfully minimal, and they’ll make great decor until the time comes to give them away . Homey Oh My has a step-by-step tutorial to make this card using greenery like fresh myrtle.

Just IMAGINE how cute a little pile of these sweaters will look together! It’s too much. Make the ugliest sweaters you can imagine or attempt to replicate the worst/best ones you’ve seen in real life.

There’s a chance that the recipient will be so charmed by this snow globe that they’ll neglect to notice the gift card itself! This is absurdly cute.

Doilies are the perfect wrapping material for winter gifts because they’re SNOWY! And cheap. Use the same backing paper and ribbon for all gifts, or create a beautiful complementary holiday palette.

These flippy-open card cases are made with hardware store staples: peel-n-stick floor tiles, roof flashing, and spray paints. The faux marble with stick-on letters is particularly fetching.

A pile of these would be totally cute, too. You could make holiday-themed labels, as shown, or make up mix tape titles you know each recipient would enjoy.

Everything should be adorned with pom poms, year-round. They can be repurposed as ornaments, hair accessories, or ice skate flair.

This is four gifts in one: two mason jars, one gift card, and a bunch of candy! Make a bunch, and if you end up not using them, just disassemble and use the jars, eat the candy, and spend the gift card.

Is there someone on your gift list who likes puns, mazes, and . . . nothing else? Make them this playful card and let them know you like and/or love them, pickiness and all.

This DIY is perfect for kids—add some holiday whimsy to the GameStop/iTunes gift card they’ve been begging for.


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