This 118-Square-Foot Paris Apartment Is Part Home, Part Transformer Toy

I won’t pretend to know the difference between an Autobot and a Decepticon (I just learned those two terms on Wikipedia), but I do think this small Paris apartment has a lot in common with Transformers —namely the ability to disguise super powers until they’re ready to be used. I’ll assume that the toy versions use their secrets to either dominate or save the world, maybe? But for interiors, hidden attributes are extremely useful for micro spaces such as this one.

Before we get to all the clever bits, let’s take a moment to acknowledge a couple of things: 1) all those graceful arches; and 2) the triangular section of tile floor in front of the kitchen. Both add subtle architectural interest without overwhelming the wee apartment. With them, there’s little need for other decoration to muddy the space.

Moving on to the more functional parts, there’s a wealth of components tucked behind this apartment’s minimalist facade, including a fridge, oven and seating for two. Above, you can see a petite built-in table, which folds down flat when not in use. In that same alcove, there’s just enough space to tuck away two stools out of sight. The bit of cobalt blue is a welcome burst of color, and combined with the terracotta, injects a little bit of Mediterranean influence into the space.

What little furniture there is also has multiple identities. A small loveseat doubles as a bed, and the small round bedside table is also the coffee table. The almost invisible closet (again, with a lovely arch) is another source of storage.

Want more of this crafty little apartment? Yellowtrace has some more information and photos, or you can go straight to the source: Batiik Studio.

And what do you think? Is it efficient and well designed enough to live in, or is it more suited for a temporary stay?


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