9 Festive Uses For Coffee Filters This Holiday Season

Coffee filters! What are they good for? So much more than making coffee, it turns out. Buy them in bulk—or use up the stash you have on hand—and start whipping up wreaths, blooms, sachets, and tree ornaments…

Use white and natural filters to create fabulously poofy pom poms to string across the mantel, down the stairs, and everywhere else.

To make these charming trees, all you need are coffee filters, cereal boxes/poster boards, and a glue gun. Keep them plain and snowy, or decorate them like the little one shown here.

Coffee filters snowflakes have more structure and texture than tissue paper ones, but they still have that soft, slightly sheer quality. Cut a flurry of these while you watch Better Off Dead.

Natural coffee filters are perfect for an autumnal wreath, or you could make one with bleached filters for winter decor.

These would make a great gift if you happen to find an unusual tea that you just know someone would love, but you also know they’ll never bother using loose leaf tea. Perhaps that someone is you? Make handy teabags and take your favorite teas on the go—conveniently labelled with printable tags!

Make a bunch of these for gifts, and make a bunch more to keep for your own drawers. Fill coffee filters with baking soda and the spices and herbs of your choice, then close with a jaunty ribbon.

There are tons of flowers made out of coffee filters out there, but these are simply beautiful and a non-traditional decoration for the table. Dye them to get a more dramatic look, or keep them all white for a totally different statement.

Here Martha transformed coffee filters into stunning and easy holiday decorations. Install one for your next party (New Years perhaps?) —and then just never take them down.

Tree Angels by Motherhood on a Dime

These little handmade ornaments are one of the delights of childhood. It’s a good activity for the little ones, and you’ll have them year after year to remember.



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