How Your Hair Ties Can Help You Clean Your Makeup Brushes

After daily foundation applications, swirls of blush, and minutes spent in your steamy bathroom, your makeup brushes can quickly become home to unwanted oils and bacteria. This is why cleaning makeup brushes is a critical step to keeping your skin healthy and clear. But after diligently washing brushes and laying them out on a towel, they often take hours—sometimes even a full day—to fully dry. No matter how clean, damp brushes aren’t helpful for last-minute touch ups or early morning meetings.

It turns out that drying your brushes upside down, instead of laying them flat, is the solution to this common complaint. Here’s why this works: First, when suspended, water drips off the brush (gravity!). Second, since the bottom half of the brush hasn’t been resting on a wet towel, the entire brush will be dry—no flipping required.

It’s similar to hanging clothes on a clothesline. There’s a reason this tried-and-true method has been around for so long. Unfortunately, it hasn’t made its way to our makeup brushes—until now.

After washing your makeup brushes, grab a few elastic hair ties and locate a horizontal bar in your apartment. You’ll hang the brushes upside down from this bar. Try using your bathroom towel rod, kitchen stove handle, or dishwasher handle. You can even spread some hangers apart and use your closet rod.

You’ll secure each brush on the horizontal bar using an elastic hair tie, just like the picture above. As long as the bristles are able to hang in open air without anything directly touching them, you’ll be set for a fresh makeup application with dry brushes in just a few hours.

Last tip: No matter where you set up your drying station, place a towel on the floor beneath the wet brushes to absorb water and prevent slipping.


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