12 Places to Hang a Wreath That Isn’t the Front Door

A classic circular wreath is pretty much the physical manifestation of infinite holiday joy, so why limit it to your front door? The possibilities for indoor wreaths are as infinite as their iconic shape, so today we’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite wreath locations that don’t require front door real estate.

Disclaimer: we’re fully aware no one’s car looks like this one spotted on the Finnish blog Full Life in real life, but all of our Christmas fantasies start with a ride in this Christmas beaut. In said fantasy, we’re usually heading to the forest to chop down a fresh fir, but the above rooftop accoutrement definitely works too…

Although a wreath-bedecked car is #Christmasgoals, this image, from The Lily Pad Cottage, is far more realistic and equally as charming. She also shares some tips and tricks here for how to hang wreaths on woodwork without any damage.

Dress up your holiday buffet with a rustic backdrop of simple hanging wreaths like Beth Kirby of Local Milk. All this DIY requires is some foraging and twine, as wreaths in a variety of shapes and sizes are suspended from a large branch hanging above a tempting display of holiday treats.

Here, a teeny tiny colorful nativity pops against illustrator Jonna Isaac‘s all-gold mantle display, and a modest wreath is the perfect accessory to fill in the empty reflective surface on the scene’s propped mirror backdrop.

The natural wreath in this minimal bohemian nursery on 100 Layer Cakelet is a great seasonal or year-round alternative to a mobile. And don’t limit this idea to just the baby’s quarters; it’s a great idea for over a sofa in the living room or bed in a master suite.

Who knew prime wreath real estate existed merely inches below it’s usual door-front location? This tiny boxwood wreath from Bella Marie is the perfect doorknob doodad.

These no-fuss mini wreaths by Say Yes are made with fresh greenery and hung as window decorations. Hot tip: make sure your window wreaths look good from both sides!

A palette of black, white and gold is the perfect neutral setting for peppering in some Christmas green. Here, Sarah Sherman Samuel has hung a small wreath from a bookshelf ledge to add a festive pop to her stylish bookcase.

We’re loving the understated elegance of these white wreaths hanging on Rachel Parcell from Pink Peonies‘ barstools. The monochromatic color scheme helps keep these large scale decorations from feeling stuffy.

Who says a wreath has to be hung vertically? Here, Good Housekeeping adorns a holiday dinner table with a wreath-turned-chandelier, suspended from the ceiling with satin ribbon.

Okay, this festive display from It All Started With Paint might be hands-down our favorite unexpected use of wreaths. Plus, who doesn’t love teeny tiny wreaths?

Above, designer Emily Henderson blurs the lines between wreath and necklace, accessorizing her mounted faux-bear’s head with a festive holiday neck-wreath.

So many wreath-less surfaces, so little time. From dry-wall to door front and everything in between, wreaths are a great festive addition to any surface that needs a little holiday cheer. Where are you hanging your wreaths this year?



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