8 Favorite Christmas Crafts & How-Tos

Right about this time every December, I start feeling crafty. My tree is up, my decorations are set, most of my shopping for the kids is done — and I get the craving for a project. This year, I really want to paint a set of dessert plates with some sort of holiday theme. Will it happen? Who knows. Hah!

If you’re feeling the same way, I’ve collected 8 holiday projects and how-tos that will be sure to inspire your own ideas.

1) Simple boxwood garland. No wiring or floral skills required! This garland is easy to make from any sturdy greens you have access to. And it looks so pretty too. If store-bought garland is out your budget, this is an ideal alternative.

2) Holiday house gift box. Print, trim and fold these pretty little houses. Fill them with candies or nuts or tiny baked goodies.

3) Large & OVERSIZE Woven Baskets. You probably made a small version of these in 1st grade with construction paper. Our versions have pretty patterns — star or tree — and are big enough to hold a batch of cookies or wrapped gifts.

4) Stamped Wrapping Paper. This project will bring out your inner-textile designer. Grab a roll of kraft paper in brown or white and stamp away. It’s a super satisfying thing to make, and the wrapping will look so festive under your tree.

5) Peg Doll Ornaments. You can’t go wrong with the simple color-blocked painting style featured here. You can make one to represent each person in your family. Or an even dozen just for fun. The tiny ones are super sweet when used to embellish gifts as well. And you can try any color palette you like.

(Side note: Our very first Christmas as a married couple, I made papier maché fruit for our ornaments, and I’ve loved adding handmade options to our collection over the years. Ornaments are such a good, small, finite project — with an obvious purpose once you’re done.)

6) Another ornament option — these Woodburned Snowflakes, made from slices of birch wood are oh so pretty. They’re perfect if you favor woodsy, cabin-y, holiday decor. And if you have access to the tools you’ll need, it doesn’t get any more affordable than these.

7) Need a refresher on how to properly wrap a present? Here’s a full photo tutorial.

8) And here’s a guide on how to tie a pretty bow.

How about you? Are you tackling any crafting or projects this month? Are you scouring Pinterest for ideas? I’d love to see or hear what your working on.

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