Cold Feet? Footie Sweatpants Are Now a Thing

First there was the Snuggie (or the Slanket, depending on whom you ask), marketing hygge coziness to all the As Seen on TV world. Then there was the Holderness Family, making matching Christmas jammies the new “ugly holiday” trend. Now the new hotness in throwback childhood coziness is making us all warm and fuzzy from our head down to our toes.

Feejays are a cross between your favorite sweats, UGG boots, and footed onesie pajamas — like the style Ralphie wears in A Christmas Story — only more grown-up and infinitely more subtle.

The convertible sweatpants style of the Feejays design means you can get cozy anywhere on the sly — kicking off your shoes under your desk, at brunch, or even in flight. Feejays come in classic sweatpants-styled solid colors or in trendier prints like floral and camouflage for both men and women. Unlike the feetsie pajamas of our childhoods, however, they keep your top free to layer as you see fit AND you can remove the footed cover to let those dogs bark a little whenever you start to get too hot without having to strip down entirely.

The California-based company says on its website that it was inspired by surrounding “Santa Cruz’s cool, foggy mornings and relaxed vibe to create the ultimate sweatpants that you’ll never want to take off.” Feejays also has a social good mission: they regularly run promotions to give a portion from each purchase of the approximately $40 product back to various causes.

And if you’re not more of a “cold up top” sort of winter person, Feejays also makes a hooded sweatshirt with built-in convertible mittens to keep your hands hygge, too — which will run you a bit more at about $50. Or just buy them both.


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