Tuesdays Might Be The Healthiest Day of the Week—Here’s Why

Hello and welcome to Tuesday. Generally better than Monday, nowhere near as exciting as Friday, forever doomed to exist without a fun nickname. Poor Tuesday. Fortunately enough, Psychology Today tallied up a list of things that are better to tackle on a day exactly like today.

Let’s start with the good news. Psychology Today says there are a variety of things Tuesday is a wonderful day for:

  • Driving safely.
  • Sleeping well.
  • Eating wisely.
  • Hitting the gym.
  • Weighing yourself.
  • Having a baby.

Some feel fairly intuitive; after a weekend of treating yourself, Tuesday may be when you hit your groove of eating healthy—same for hitting the gym. But why is Tuesday so great for having a baby? According to the CDC, Tuesday is the most popular birth day of the week, 16 percent more babies are born than the average.

The article also highlights some things that aren’t so great about Tuesday. A Gallup poll asked people to report how happy they were on each day of the week, and only 44 percent of people reported being happy on Tuesday, the lowest of any day.

So there you have it, some good things and one bad thing about the second day of the traditional work week. You’re welcome to carry on having no opinion at all of Tuesday or can fully adopt this one presented by The Onion.

More on optimizing your week:



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