Amazon’s New Plant Store Just Made it Easier to Be a Plant Person

It is safe to say that plants are having a great year. Longtime plant parents get to sit back and enjoy others discovering a joy they have known for a long time, while newbies get to learn the ups and downs of building and maintaining a plant collection. Now, plant veterans and rookies alike can add to their plant families from the privacy of their own leafy green living rooms, because Amazon has officially entered the plant game.

The Amazon plant store offers up a wide variety of affordable options — succulent cuttings, Bonsai trees, fiddle leaf figs —as well as accessories and more exotic plants. A ton of plants are available on Prime, so if you’re looking for a last minute white elephant or hostess gift, a small succulent may be just the thing.

And that’s not the only plant news. Modern Farmer recently reported that Amazon’s green thumb is going to extend beyond selling plants, and into the world of garden tech—they’ve received a patent for technology for “identifying and recommending garden items.” The service appears to be an app that offers gardening tips and suggestions specific to the conditions and plants in the users garden by using image recognition software and algorithms.

The patent tells the story of Evelyn, who recently moved to Seattle and is unsure about what’s going on with the plants in her backyard. She snaps a few photos and uploads them to the service which then tells her what’s growing in her garden, what she could make for dinner using those plants and then offers up suggestions of what else she might want to grow in that space.

While there are still many benefits to stopping by your local nursery or plant shop, the added convenience of affordable and easily delivered staples is certainly a time saving way to give your plant collection a boost.

More tips for being the best plant person you can be:

h/t Real Simple, Inhabitat


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