Easy Gifts to Make That Your Furry Friend Will Flip Out Over

This is my first Christmas with a puppy and I have to admit, I’m in full blown, crazy puppy mom mode. Every time I’m out, I can’t help swinging by the pet section, just in case something begs for me to take it home for pup. But I’m also the do-it-myself type and am excited to make something for my pupper this year. If you are too, take a look at these ideas (for cats, too!)

The holidays are full of treats and pets don’t have to be left out. Eva of Adventures in Cooking covers both cats and dogs with her adorable pumpkin-bacon dog biscuits & cheddar cat crisps. The all-natural recipe honestly sounds so good, I’m even tempted to eat them.

Some people hate squeaky toys, but with a puppy, hearing the squeak means that your pupper is out of trouble. Mine chews through them so quickly though, so I’m definitely interested in these DIY squeakers. Make sure to double check the noted safety tips!

Is your pet an extreme cuddler? Lia Griffith shows us how to make this cozy bed that I can completely imagine a cat or dog giving up their spot on the couch for.

Crochet is the perfect medium for a dog toy. You can make any shape you want, in any size suited for your pup. To make sure it’s safe, check out Fresh Stitches’s tips for safely crocheting dog toys.

Scratch pads are a great way to keep your kitty entertained and fit. Most store-bought ones leave a lot to be desired in the aesthetics department though. Make your own with a pom pom!) that will make you both happy.

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, it only makes sense to give your fluffy love a present that keeps them close. Molly of Almost Makes Perfect has a simple DIY that elevates any basic food bowl. It might just even keep your fur babies from flipping their bowls over!

If your cat is angling more for a cat-io, try this hanging window perch by Hymns & Verses. It gives them a place to spy on the neighbors and frees up your floor space. Win win!



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