Before & After: This Laundry Room Is Now Loads More Bright

Morgan and her husband recently bought a home and, little by little, are updating each room. First up, the laundry room. One of the things that sold them on the house was having a mud room off the garage, complete with a washer and dryer. As handy as that is, the room was very dark with brown walls, brown cabinets and was desperately in need of an update.

More than anything Morgan wanted a light, bright and fun space to work in. When you have boys and endless amounts of laundry, you sometimes feel like you live in the laundry room 24/7. She needed all the happiness she could get.

What a big difference! Morgan and her husband did the project in two phases. In one weekend, and for under $500, they totally refreshed and organized the space: painted the walls white, put up a white hex tile backsplash, and installed a new white countertop and sink.

The really fantastic part came in phase two when they laid the cement tile flooring. It’s always fun to do something a little different, bold, and daring. And this design didn’t disappoint.

Morgan has some advice for others looking to update an old, outdated space:

Don’t be afraid to paint and refresh your former cabinets. Saves a ton of money and looks like new. And for paint, make sure to research and test your colors. Paints can be really tricky, especially gray. We’ve tried hundreds and always use our top two favorites.

Here’s what she spent to redo the space:

  • Cabinet Paint: $48.74
  • Wall Paint: $35.74
  • Primer: $48.60
  • Grout: $13.87
  • White Hex Tile Backsplash: $107.76
  • Wooden Crates: $9.97
  • Key Rail: $12.98
  • White Organization Caddy: $5.97
  • Trash Bin Pullout: $31.28
  • Over Door Ironing Board Hanger: $8.98
  • Chalkboard Labels: $7.99
  • Hardware Handles: $25.13
  • Laundry Sort: $39.99
  • Blue Baskets: $5.94
  • Shoe Rack: $27.99
  • Cement Tile: $9 per sq. foot

Thank you Morgan! Be sure to check out all the photos and details over at their blog Construction2Style!


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