Don’t Fall For This Fake FedEx Scam

There’s a new scam in town, just in time for the holidays. A bunch of online scrooges are trying to get onto your computer through particularly nefarious means. They’re sending out emails that appear to be from FedEx, notifying the recipient of delivery problems.

A sample of the fraudulent email

(Image credit: FedEx)

FedEx is warning people not to open emails with the subject line “FedEx: Delivery Problems Notification.” The email contains a link that if clicked will infect the users computer with a virus. It can take users to any number of sites—some that look like the FedEx homepage.

If you receive the email, FedEx recommends that you delete it immediately, or forward it to FedEx doesn’t send unsolicited emails, so if you’re not used to seeing them in your inbox, be sure to double-check the subject line. You can check FedEx’s Customer Protection page for any updates and more information.

More scams to look out for:

h/t Country Living


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