The Pinterest Trend That’s As Easy as Tying a Knot

Today we’re talking about a popular project that’s burning up Pinterest these days, for good reason. It’s cheap, so easy to make, and turns into fantastic home decor in minutes. It’s knotted cord decor and it brings great texture and life to your home, no matter what your personal style.

According to the Pinterest 100, saves for “paracord” are up 275% this year — which means people have caught on to the beauty of this basic material. It’s durable, easy to work with, and comes in a beautiful array of colors. Even if you’re not fully on board with macramé, there’s lots to love and make:

Ruffled made place card holders out of basic monkey fists, and painted them in bright, fun colors.

You can turn your new knotting skill into jewelry, like this rope bracelet from Dans Le Lakehouse.

Flax and Twine took a more natural approach to this project, using unbleached rope to finger knit these tabletop trivets.

A knotted planter from Persialou is a great way to display all those plants you’ve started hoarding.

Darling Magazine declares this rope hanging a wall’s best friend. Instead of full-on macrame, it was made with some very basic knots at the top. A quick and easy project.

And then, if you have a little more time on your hands, Anusha at Fish and Bull took an old metal circular frame and revamped it as a hammock chair. If you like this look, but don’t have an old chair, a full wall hanging is gorgeous decor that you’ll have for years.


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